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Freedom Discovery Systems

Virtual Reality Experiences geared for seniors

Helping aged community residents experience amazing places and activities from the comfort of home

Smiles, excitement, creating new memories and refreshing old memories are just some of the benefits. Delivering safe, affordable, easy and fun VR experiences to Port Stephens aged communities. Visiting Nursing homes, retirement villages, over 55's life style communities and seniors groups in libraries and community centres. Catering for groups with carefully guided and assisted experiences ranging from30 to 60 minutes. We take safety seriously ensuring equipment is cleaned and sanitised and user experiences are safe and comfortable. We pre configure everything before coming on site, assist each individual prepare for their experience and stay with them throughout the experience. By conducting group sessions, individual costs are very reasonable making regular experiences affordable and something to look forward to on a regular basis. We are accepting service trial participants now. If your community has considered VR to enrich the lives of its senior members, contact us today.

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Address: Salamander Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Phone: 02 4919 1144
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